“The message makes me pause long and hard as It’s perfectly reflective of the darkest day of my life. The song is very effective and meaningful to me personally. As a music supervisor my final words are, well done Rick. Very well done.”  

Jerry Davis, Executive Director / Music Supervisor 

The tragedy of 9/11 is an iconic image of American history.  The many lives lost, countless other lives changed forever, and the beginning of a new era of insecurity are grim reminders of that day of infamy. We are still shocked and stunned by the images of destruction, which even today can trigger painful memories of those tragic events.

“A Day To Remember” is meant evoke the feelings of incredible personal loss and unparalleled bravery and courage. It is a sad song, and will no doubt bring to mind your emotions when you first heard of the attack.

During the recovery, Jim McGovern took pictures of messages people had written in the dust that covered the entire area of lower Manhattan. They were tragic poignant messages expressing shock, love, and hope; the gamut of human feelings after such a tragedy.  And these messages gave us pause to reflect on our own lives, and perhaps work toward a brighter future.  Those pictures inspired me to compose this memorial tribute, and to help keep in mind that this was truly, A Day To Remember.  www.dust-glyphs.blogspot.com.​​​​​​​