"Our Mission is to provide Quality Professional Musical Entertainment to ensure the Delight of the Guests and the Satisfaction of the Client"

Client Testimonials

Overall Satisfaction: ✮✮✮✮✮
Professionalism: ✮✮✮✮✮
Accommodating: ✮✮✮✮✮
Overall Talent: ✮✮✮✮✮
Recommend: ✮✮✮✮✮
"Rick, I can’t thank you enough for playing at my End of The World party and helped it be a great success! You created an awesome, fun and energetic atmosphere for the dancing guests as well music enjoyment for the listening crowd with your extensive repertoire. You cover a little bit of everything! I also want to thank you for putting the time in planning with me and setting up at the venue. You were super organized and clearly experienced. Everyone in the band is easy to get along with and based on the crowds responses, they throughly enjoyed themselves! (I know I did!) Thank you all!!"
- Jack T.

Overall Satisfaction: ✮✮✮✮✮
Professionalism: ✮✮✮✮✮
Accommodating: ✮✮✮✮✮
Overall Talent: ✮✮✮✮✮
Recommend: ✮✮✮✮✮
"When I booked the band, I knew that they played blues and rock. Because this was a purely adult party in a single room, I requested that they play lower key music - jazz and blues. They learned and practiced many songs that were new to them to accommodate my request. Rick called me several times to discuss the party. The band arrived early to set up, and played until the end. I would recommend them for any kind of party because they are so professional and so versatile. And that Chris Hansen on guitar - Wow!"
- Cary H

Jazz & EZ Listening

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Thank you for your interest in Electric Aces

Electric Aces is the alter-ego of Original Indie-Rock band Axis of Four. Electric Aces draws from a large repertoire of classic rock, dance covers, traditional and original blues, and jazz and easy-listening instrumental to provide quality professional musical entertainment.  The band from the Concord/Lafayette area built their repertoire over the years by playing clubs, corporate events, weddings, business promotions, street fairs, and private parties.  Electric Aces has evolved into an entertaining musical group, working with a powerful combination of training, experience, and artistry, to give the client just the right live music for their event.
The band has experienced players and the track record of being professional and reliable in doing business.  They work with the client to understand the specific requirements of the gig, then deliver on schedule to create just the right musical ambience for the special event.  Be it ambient instrumental music for an elegant gathering, or boot-stomping rock & roll for a great party, Electric Aces is ready to entertain you and your guests.  

Please look and listen to some of our samples, then contact us here to talk about a date!


Historical Development     

The core group was founded by Rick and Suzanne in 2009 under the name Li’l Ricky Blues, and played a combination of traditional and original blues and classic rock. Rick then began to write some original tunes which resulted in their first album, “First Time, The Charm”.  The band continued to play private parties and business events, and then recorded “Biskits & Gravy”, an album of original blues written by Rick and Suzanne.
By this time Chris Hansen was working with the group as they played a combination of shows both as an original showcase act and a variety band. As they expanded their repertoire to include more classic rock and jazz and easy-listening, the band saw the need to select a name that was more representative of what they had become.  The band decided on Axis Of Four, and played their first gig with that name at the Golden Gate Yacht Club on San Francisco Bay.
By that time Rick had finished writing a selection of tunes to complete the band’s original live stage show.  He brought the band into the studio and they cut the tracks to “Flintstoned”, the band’s first indie-rock album, which they released in late 2013.  The Axis of Four continued to perform showcases promoting their original music, while also getting more gigs playing their expanded variety repertoire.
By early 2015 the band had added a different drummer to the lineup and found it necessary to split into two entities.  Axis Of Four remains the old school / new school original rock act bridging the gap between classic and contemporary rock.  The variety act was christened Electric Aces. 

Currently the band features Rick and Suzanne who have been re-united with their original drummer, Scott Irwin. Since the start of the pandemic, the band has been working in the studio recording quite an extensive catalog. They signed with Legacy Music in February 2020, and just recently penned a deal with Epic Music LA.

The players are eager to return to performance venues and continue in the tradition of entertainment excellence.

Thanks for listening!


Rick Cittar has been a bandleader, arranger, guitarist, and vocalist for two decades, and has worked with Grammy-winning producer Steve Horowitz to produce his tune, “S’not Love”, for Illumina Records. He is the main vocalist for Electric Aces, and has written some fresh and different arrangements for many of their classic tunes. 
Rick is a signed artist with Epic Music LA, and a Faculty Member with the Bradley School of Music in Lafayette, and can be found performing with musical maestro Orestes Vilato monthly at the school adult and family jams.
Suzanne Tomczak is a classically trained flautist who toured with her school honors band, and has the distinction of having performed at Notre Dame in Paris, and the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York.  Switching to bass after hearing the Germ’s Lorna Doom, The Lovely Miss Minxie and Rick have played together for many years and through many gigs. She is the solid sonic backbone of Electric Aces.
Scott Irwin, or BuddaHaid to his fantasy cronies, is long-time veteran of the Bay Area music scene.  He has played in many bands and is featured on my many of Rick's recordings. Scott was the original drummer with Li'l Ricky Blues, so he and Suzanne fit right in the pocket for the rhythm section of Electric Aces.